Photographing hummingbirds is a summertime obsession of mine. There’s something so magical about these supersonic little guys, and catching a decent image of one is like hitting the jackpot! 

(It’s also incredibly time-consuming, but so totally worth it.)

The images on this page were all taken in my tiny backyard garden, as I sat with the camera in my lap listening for that distinct buzz of a hummer guest. (Much coffee was consumed in the process.) Some of the photos have been post-processed to give them a more painterly look (I usually use Topaz Simplify software for this). Others have been “grunged up” a little with Totally Rad’s Dirty Pictures app. 

Hummingbirds are both delicate and tenacious, and they’ve come to represent some of the best traits I hope to cultivate in my life, hence the  titles.

I hope that seeing them might inspire you, too!