Creative Carte Blanche: Video Inspiration



Well, September just flew on by, didn’t it? I’m here to close out this month’s Creative Carte Blanche challenge, in which we asked our participants to whip up a work of art inspired by the BBC’s gorgeous “God Only Knows” music video.

One of the visuals that stayed with me from the video is that of a young woman joyfully sitting above the stage listening to the music and taking in all the magical elements of the scene below. I wanted to do a sketch of her and bring in some of the other imagery, but after several attempts I conceded that I have a long way to go toward my goal of being able to draw a person who doesn’t look like the Swamp Thing. So, I did a “faux sketch.”

That’s my fancy way of saying that I traced the image.

A little history: Waaaay back when I was a kid, I used to make jewelry featuring my favorite rock bands. I’d buy Tiger Beat magazine, find a dreamy photo of my crush du jour, and trace his image onto shrink plastic with a Sharpie. Then I’d cut it out, shrink it, and bada bing, fan girl flair!

Tracing faces is easy. and you generally end up with a fairly good likeness of your subject in comic book form. That’s what I wanted for this project, and with our modern day technology, it’s really simple. Here’s the lowdown:



I played the video on my iPhone and paused it at the image I wanted to use. Then, I took a screen capture by holding down the Home button and quickly clicking the power button. The screen capture is saved in your Photos.



Then, I opened the screen captured photo in the Mobile Monet app. This app automagically turns the photo into a black and white line drawing, then you swipe your finger over the photo to add back color. It’s cool for tracing because it helps you see where to place your lines. Print this image using whatever method you normally use to print your mobile photos, sizing it down if necessary. 



I’m using a 6″ x 8″ piece of watercolor paper for my project, so I used paper tape to temporarily attach it to my work surface. Then, I paper-taped a piece of good, old-fashioned carbon paper on top of that. Finally, I taped my printed imaged on top of that.



Here’s my traced image.



Use a fine-point, permanent black marker to ink over the carbon lines.



Here’s the fun part. Use Gelatos to color in your image, incorporating a water brush and paper stump if you wish to smudge and blend the colors. You might also want to use a soft pencil to add in some shading.



Let’s fancy-up her dress. Brush on a little matte medium and sprinkle on some pretty glitter. Let this dry. It won’t take long at all.



Glue on a few little paper stars. Then, tear of a piece of Melange Tissue Wrap with music notes. Smudge a TINY bit of white paint onto the back side of the tissue wrap to make the music notes pop a bit, then use collage medium to adhere it to your work in progress.



Use a fine marker to draw strings from the stars to the top of the card. Then, use Lawn Fawn “Harold’s Alphabet” stamps, a grid block, and Jet Black Archival Ink to stamp the sentiment.



Attach paper flowers using Glossy Accents.



Smudge metallic gold paint around the edges of the card and allow it to dry.



Finally, use a tape runner or other adhesive to attach your panel to the background paper of your choice. I used a 5.5″ x 7.5″ piece of lilac paper, then backed that with a black panel cut 6″ x 8″.


So, that’s how I turned an image from a music video into a “faux sketch.” Admittedly, my lady looks a lot more like Betty from the Archie comics than the lovely woman from the video, but I suppose that’s okay.

Thanks for hanging out with me today. If you haven’t entered this month’s Creative Carte Blanche Adventure, you have until Midnight tonight, so hop to it! 🙂

Happy weekend!