Creative Carte Blanche: Blossoms and Bookpages


Hi there, crafty friends! Today, it’s my turn to share a piece for the Creative Carte Blanche July Adventure, “Blossoms and Bookpages,” hosted by the ever-brilliant Hels Sheridan. I have a quick tutorial showing how to create a colorful greeting card featuring¬†Ranger’s Enamel Accents and Ken Oliver’s Color Burst products.


Step 1

Begin with a piece of Mixed Media or Watercolor paper, something that can handle a lot of moisture without buckling. Cut it to the size you want and pre-score it so it will fold easily. I used tissue tape to mark the fold line so I could keep my bearings as I worked played.


Step 2

Use Ranger Glue N’ Seal or any high-quality waterproof matte adhesive to attach an old book page. Brush glue onto the background, position the book page, then brush a thin coat of the adhesive on top of the page. Allow it to dry.



Brush a thin coat of Golden Absorbent Ground in white over the top of the book page, avoiding any text you want to show in the finished piece. Absorbent Ground allows you to watercolor on surfaces that would otherwise repel the paint (in this case, the Glue ‘n Seal).



Using Ranger Enamel Accents in black, draw some loose, abstract flower shapes along the lefthand side of the card front. Allow the enamel to dry completely before you continue.



Sprintz the card with water from a spray bottle, and then the fun begins! Lightly sprinkle on various shades of Ken Oliver’s Color Burst randomly around the flowers. A tiny bit goes a LONG way, so start small and add more powder as needed. If you oversaturate an area with color, simply spritz with more water and pick up the extra with a paper towel.



You can also get more exact placement by wetting a paintbrush, dipping it into a teensy bit of Color Burst power, and painting as you would a watercolor.



Like sparkle? Me, too! Add a few pops of Ken Oliver’s Color Burst Liquid Metals on top of the painted flowers. Shimmery!



Remove the card from the craft mat and fold it. Use the built-in dabber to swipe Lucky Clover Distress Paint around the perimeter of the card.



Attach wooden letters and a real pressed flower with Glue ‘n Seal.



And, that’s all there is to it!

My cohorts over at the Creative Carte Blanche blog have done some wonderful things with this theme, and so can you! The Blossoms and Bookpages Adventure is open through the end of July. Come join the arty fun, won’t you?

Have a hopeful, happy weekend!