Congrats to Our Winners of of CC3C, #7

You guys, you just keep knocking our socks off with your beautiful, inventive, perfectly Tim Holtz-ified art, and you really outdid yourselves on the Painted Industrial technique!

TimDemoA few of you have asked how we select the Curiosity Crew‘s Choice, and let me tell you, it’s never easy. The truth is, we could be completely satisfied sending the prize to pretty much ANY of our entrants. The art that’s submitted is that good. Since we do have to narrow it down, though, we begin by eliminating from the competition any entries that that didn’t follow the challenge rules (for instance, someone who didn’t comment on each Crew members’ blog, or who didn’t link back to the challenge, or who didn’t follow the technique instructions). From there, we each peruse the entries and look for submissions that really showcase the technique in an inventive, inspiring way (and there are a lot of them!). Each Crew member chooses her three favorites; her top pick is given three points, her second is given two points, and her third is given one point. This is done via a private survey so we’re not unduly influencing each other. After all the votes are in, we tally it all up. The entry with the most votes is the Curiosity Crew’s Choice winner, and the runner up is our Honorable Mention.

As for the sponsor prize, the winner is chosen via Random Number, provided that the entry followed the challenge rules and included a link to that challenge’s sponsor.

It’s important to us that our process is fair to everyone and does justice to Tim and Mario, who so kindly provided the Crew’s Choice prizes, and to our generous sponsors, Inspiration Emporium and The Funkie Junkie Boutique. We appreciate them all so much– and we appreciate every one of our entrants, too!

So, now that I’ve talked your ear off, how about we announce the winners of the CC3C.07?

Congratulations to our Curiosity Crew’s Choice
Belinda Basson
of Bella’s Scrappin’ Space

Bella's Scrappin' Space

 Belinda, we bow to you. This is just incredible, girl! Here’s a badge to add to your collection.


Now, as for our Honorable Mention... there are two! Yes indeed, we had a tie, and rather then choose we decided to mention both. So, in numerical order, congrats to…

Jenny Marples
of Pushing the Right Buttons
Pushing the Right Buttons

This luminary is SENSATIONAL!!!

of Artistic Craft Dabbler

Utterly stunning, Toni! We adore your elegant steampunk dragonfly!

Jenny and Toni, here’s a badge for your blogs, if you’d like to display it:

CC3C HonMen Badge Layers

Last but not least, the winner of our Sponsor’s Prize who will be enjoying a fabulous $50 shopping spree from Inspiration Emporium!


#73: Lisa

of This Sweet Madness

Check out the perfect Painted Industrial on this sweet card!

Congratulations again to our winners, and thanks to Tim, Mario, and Joy and the gang at Inspiration Emporium for their generous support! Don’t forget, the CC3C.08 is open through Friday, August 15, and there are more fantastic prizes to be had!




…and the Curiosity Crew