Compendium of Curiosities 2, Challenge 19

Updated August 30: I’ve decided to keep this challenge open until 8:00pm (MDT) on Thursday, September 6,  and I’ve got a special prize from the big ‘ol box of goodies Mario sent for one of the participants. Trust me, it’s good! If you’re already entered, you’re welcome to submit another entry! If not, now’s your chance! YAY!!!

Kraft Resist

Tim Holtz: A Compendium of Curiosities 2, page 41

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to the nineteenth installment of this journey through Tim Holtz’s latest book, A Compendium of Curiosities, Vol. 2! If you follow Mr. H’s blog (and I bet you do!), you already saw the super swell video he posted a few days ago, showing some very cool uses for his Kraft Resist paper. Well, whaddaya know, we haven’t done that technique yet… so now’s the time!

Here’s the video from Tim’s Blog:


He’s so awesome.

Okay, so, to celebrate this cool video and all the rad Kraft Resist options we’ve seen, rock your own work of art using this technique (page 41) and link it to this blog using the InLinkz button at the bottom of this post. You’re golden as long as you honor these simple rules:

  • Follow the technique as it’s written in A Compendium of Curiosities, Vol. 2 (adding your own special flair, of course!), and clearly state that the technique comes from Tim’s book.
  • Include a link to this post in your blog post (or photo description if you’re linking from an online photo-sharing site).  
  • Out of respect to Tim, please don’t post the technique instructions on your blog. However, you’re more than welcome to link to Tim’s video this time around!
  • This challenge closes on Thursday, August 30 September 6 at 8 pm MTD. Please see the CC2C FAQ here for more information.

To restate from last week, this is prime time to flip through the pages of the CC2 and make a list of supplies you’ll be needing as we work our way through the remaining challenges. Take note of things like a Melting Pot and clear UTEE, a Ranger Ink Palette, Metal Foil Tape, Idea-ology Facets or Fragments, Ranger Ink Refresher… and anything else you may need to stock up on. We still have 16 techniques to explore!

I hope you all have a magical week!


EXCITING UPDATE: Linda from The Funkie Junkie Boutique has chosen the winner for CC2C 18! Was it you?? Click here to find out. Thanks so much, Linda!!!