Happy Birthday, Mario J. Rossi!

If it were up to me, July 26 would be an international holiday, because it’s the birthday of one of the kindest, most generous and brilliant people ever to grace the planet. Mario Rossi (“MJ”), is that rare type of guy who works harder than just about anyone, yet always finds time to make everyone around him feel special and cared for.

As Tim Holtz’s business manager/right-hand man, Mario makes an immeasurable contribution to the learning opportunities and products so many of us crafters love. He’s always there behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy. And, to those of us lucky enough to call him our friend (and that’s a big bunch of lucky people!), he brings a heart of pure, 24k gold.

Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday, dear Mario. Today, we’re celebrating you, because the world became a far more awesome place the day you were born.