And the Winners Are….

Greetings, wonderful blog friends! I’m in a dorm room in lovely Minneapolis right now, attending a conference for work and hoping the sketchy WIFI connection I have here will hold out long enough for me to get this post out! It’s time to announce the winner of the Compendium of Curiosities 2 Configurations Challenge, and I truly wish I could send a prize to everyone who entered. Your Configurations projects are AMAZING!!! You guys are brilliant and so incredibly talented and visionary!

As it is, I’ll let the Generator of Numerical Randomness do the work…

Congratulations to:

Now, it turns out that when I’m staying in a very uncomfortable dorm room, I lose my ability to read ( how’s that for an excuse?). I announced the wrong name last night, so I’m going to be sending a prize to both Zoe (Craftimonki) and Anita Houton, two awesomely talented ladies! Congrats to you both!!! I’ll get in touch this weekend for your shipping info.
Thanks so much to everyone who shared their awesome Configurations art!!! I’ll see you shortly for Challenge #13.
Big hugs,