The Tim Holtz Scrapmap Caribbean Cruise!

Ta Da! The Cruise Video!
(Well, sort of “Ta da,” anyway. More like “Ta Da Lite” with a disclaimer… I still have a lot to learn about video slideshow production!!!
A week after it ended, it’s still hard to even know where to begin telling you about the Tim Holtz/Scrapmap Caribbean Cruise. It was a spectacular week of crafting, friendship, beautiful scenery, and– literally– boatloads of inspiration.  It was awesome getting to spend time with a bunch of my favorite people, including my mom, and to soak up the beauty of the sea and the islands. And really, four crafting projects in five classes with Tim Holtz over the course of the week… could it get much better? I don’t think so!
Over the past few days, I gathered my photos, found a couple of cruise-y songs, and made a slideshow to share with my blog friends. I hope you enjoy it!


For those who’ve asked, Tim did say that he’s taking some time off cruising, but that he has some exciting new things in the works! Nope, he wouldn’t tell me what they are (I wish!), but knowing him, they’re going to be sensational! Keep an eye on his blog… there’s always something fabulous going on there.

By the way, my friend and fellow Caribbean Cruiser, the brilliant Eileen Bellomo, has been posting the most wonderful day-by-day recaps of the cruise. Be sure to check them out at her blog, Art Saves Lives!

See you all tomorrow for the return of Grungy Monday! 

P.S. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I won a spot on next year’s Ultimate Multi-Media cruise out of New Orleans, courtesy of the wonderful people at Scrapmap! I’m so grateful and absolutely thrilled. So…who’s coming along?? Let’s make a plan to meet up!