Grungy Monday 20!


Featuring Special Guest Star Designers
Happy, happy Monday, everyone, and welcome to Grungy Monday number 20! WOW– number twenty?! We’ve done some serious distressing these past few month!
Before I introduce this week’s challenge, I want to take a moment to sincerely apologize for being so behind in visiting your blogs. Some aspects of my life have been intense lately, and I got a little overwhelmed by it all. My intention with these challenges has always been to be a good cheerleader for the participants, and I haven’t been able to pull that off these past few weeks. I’m truly sorry. Things are coming together now and my goal over these next few weeks is to reconnect with my blog friends. Thanks for hanging with me during a rough time– you guys are awesome artists and downright wonderful people!
Next week is Challenge 21 (preview: Be sure to have some Fragments on hand!), and after that, I’ll be taking September off to catch up, plan the autumn and winter challenges, and prepare for the big Scrapmap cruise with Tim! When Grungy Monday resumes with first week of October, look out, because there’s going to be something extra exciting happening! More on that later…
Right now, let’s have a party! That’s right, it’s a…
Grab those sweet little squeeze bottles and Distress Stickle the living daylights out of your art! That’s the only rule, but please remember, regular Stickles do NOT qualify for this challenge. Distress Stickles is a completely unique product, chunkier than regular glitter glue and more matte in its look, and this week is all about exploring the bazillion things you can do with those pretty, grungy sparkles!
This week’s special guest star designers made absolute magic with Distress Stickles, which is no surprise given how talented and creative they both are. Huge thanks to:
Gillian Simson
Jason Melford
Fantastic art, Gillian and Jason! You guys rock!!
Here’s mine:
Please click here for my product list. 

Okay, it’s your turn! Show us the brilliant ways you use Distress Stickles in your artwork. When your piece is ready, link it here using the InLinkz button below. You’ll need to have a blog or an online, public photo album to participate, and please remember to include a link to in your post!

Don’t forget to share your art in the Grungy Monday photo album at the All Things Tim group at Yahoo, too!

Thanks so much for being part of Grungy Monday! I’ll look forward to catching up with your awesome artwork, and hope you have a wonderfully creative week!