Gingersnaps Got the Blues!

Our latest challenge at Gingersnap Creations is “Shades of Blue,” and that just makes me happy. I’ve always been a blue kind of girl. I’ve always been an owl kind of girl, too, so this was one of those fun projects where I got to combine two things I dearly love.

As you likely surmised, this was a very simple card to make. I stamped the image (from Tattered Angels) onto white cardstock, then went a little nuts with my Copic airbrush and about a half dozen different shades from the blue family. If you’ve never played with a Copic airbrush, take my word for itβ€” it’s crazy fun! And there’s no mess to clean up afterwards (unless, of course, you twitch and end up airbrushing your wall or something, but that’s unlikely). Basically, you just screw an adapter onto an air can, snap a Copic marker into the trigger sprayer, and away you go! You can switch out the colors faster than I can eat a Hershey’s Kiss (and people, that’s FAST!) and when you’re finished, the only effort left is to put the cap back on the marker.

That’s my kind of high-tech artiness. At least until I can afford a very patient and good-natured housekeeper.

But, back to that challenge. The only requirement is to use shades of blue. Really, that’s it. Imagine the possibilities! No, really: IMAGINE them. Got it? Sweet. Materialize that vision and link it up at Gingersnap Creations so we can all enjoy it! This challenge runs through July 25, and we’re truly looking forward to having the blues with you!