Come Along With Me…On a Magic Carpet Ride!

**Monday, February 15: We Have a WINNER!!! Cogratulations to Nicole from Beadwright, comment #40, as chosen by the Random Number Generator!
Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in this extraordinary event!**
Do you believe in magic? Not the ol’ rabbit-out-of-a-hat schtick, but real magic: The beautiful, inexplicable juju through which the act of creating art brings people together? Lisa Swifka from the gorgeous A Whimsical Bohemian blog certainly does. Back in 2007, she began a tradition called “One World, One Heart,” as a way to create a community of bloggers from around the globe. The premise is simple and genius: Each participant posts a giveaway on their blog, the winner of which will be determined at random from amongst the people who leave comments on the blogger’s post. The intent is to introduce bloggers who might otherwise have never discovered each other.
I think the One World One Heart giveaway is an awesome idea, and being a new blogger, I’m really stoked about the concept of making new blog friends from all over the world! (The internet really is cool, isn’t it?) So, for my first ever giveaway, I’m offering a little homage to magic in the form of a Fortune Teller’s Treasure Box.

This is a standard size wooden cigar box, collaged and blinged-out to within an inch of its life with sparkly beads and little gypsy coins and shiny metallic paints. The inside bottom is lined with velvet paper and the top is embellished with–you guessed it– more shiny stuff!

It’s just right for storing your little enchanted doodads, a few chocolate kisses, and wishes written on pretty slips of paper.
To throw your hat into the ring to win the Fortune Teller’s Treasure Box, please leave a comment to this post, and make sure I have some way of reaching you if you win (an email address, the URL of your blog, etc.)! To give everyone an equal chance, please leave one comment only. Along with the rest of the OWOH participants, I’ll be choosing a winner using the Random Number Generator on February 15.
Good luck, and thanks for visiting my blog!