The Twelve Tags of… Valentine’s Day!

This is the first year I’ve been aware of Tim Holtz’s Twelve Tags of Christmas (why, yes, as a matter of fact I am always late to the party!), and I thought it was the coolest project, maybe ever. I followed it devotedly and managed to get the first four or five tags (pretty much) finished. But eventually the holiday madness overtook me… and that was all she wrote.

So, I was bummed and feeling like an A-List Loser when December 31 rolled around and I hadn’t finished along with the rest of the class. It wasn’t that I thought I had a snowball’s chance of winning the tag contest, I just wanted to actually accomplish this ink-stained Herculean feat. Yeah, I could have kept working on them after New Year’s Day, but let’s be real: Come January, the idea of doing anything Christmas related is about as appealing as a root canal without Novacaine. To me, anyway.

Then, on an otherwise dull evening of Food Network reruns, inspiration struck like a two-by-four. Why not translate Tim’s Christmas tags into Valentines? After all, I love V-day. I love red. I love chocolate (which has nothing to do with this conversation, but still…).

That’s what I’ve spent every spare minute of this past week doing, and I had a BLAST! My house is a total wreck, but who cares? I finished! Champagne for everyone!

And that’s a whole lot of yammering just to say, here they are: