Three Questions, Answers Included!

My very first ATC, circa 2001

I’m still reeling from the amazing love fest I’ve been soaking up these past few days, and want to thank you all again for being so kind! Please understand, I was the kid who always wanted to be an artist but without exception messed up EVERYTHING I touched (just ask my parents), so to have so many artistic people say such nice things… well, it makes me all teary eyed.

Tonight I’d like to answer a few questions that came up in that Big List of Lovely Comments, but since I don’t expect anyone to scroll through there trying to find them, I’ll do it here…

First, a few people asked if I’d be doing the 12 Tags for another holiday. My answer, after consulting my Inner Child, long-suffering boyfriend, work schedule and pulse rate is: Yes! Bring it on! Being more or less forced to get out of my itty-bitty art box and learn all those new techniques was nothing short of awesome.

But, I’m not going to do the same 12 Tags. That would be too… well, not easy, but too redundant. You all probably know that 2009 is actually the third time Tim has done a 12 Tags event, but several of you commented that, like me, this is the first year you’ve been aware of it. For all us latecomers, there are still  12 tags for 2007 and 12 tags for 2008 to be explored. And we all know what that adds up to:

TWENTY-FOUR new tags to do! TWENTY-FOUR new techniques to learn! TWENTY-FOUR more opportunities to detonate an art bomb in my house! How could I pass that up?!

So, I’m still formulating the deets, but, oh yeah, it’s going to happen. And when it does, I’ll post it here in hopes that some of you will want to play along! First, though, I have to figure out exactly where my desk is. It’s under here, somewhere…

My second-ever ATC, circa 2001

Another question was from Jane Jeffress Thomas, who asked:
“Where do you find such tiny stamps of people in such detail?”

Jane, the stamps I used for Tags #4 and #6 are both Lynn Perrella’s designs. I’ve had them for years and can’t find the info for #4, but #6 is called “The Gaze” and can be purchased from Stampington (along with a bunch of her other cool stamps). I love Ms. P’s style!

And finally, LucieShines333 asked if I’d post tips and tricks for the Valentine tags. Lucie, I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have– post a message here and I’ll do my best to elaborate on the techniques. Do be aware, though, that whenever possible I followed Tim’s instructions to the letter, simply changing the colors scheme and using different stamps and embellishments to suit the season. So, if you compare his write-ups to my tags you’ll probably be able to see exactly what I did. But again, do let me know if I can be of any help to you.

Okay, guys, for all of you going to CHA, I hope you have a completely amazing time! I’ll be with you in spirit, even as I sit here moping because I’m not there in body. 😉