Seriously: WOW!

So, imagine that instead of Snoopy, it actually had been the Great Pumpkin who arose from the pumpkin patch where Linus sat waiting.
Let’s say that all those mean kids in junior high who teased you endlessly just became your underlings at work.
How about this: Santa Claus is real. So is your Fairy Godmother. And, you got all five numbers in the lottery. Plus the Powerball.
You know what? None of those spectacular events could possibly generate an ounce more joy than all your incredibly kind, enthusiastic and supportive comments have brought to me these past two days. Holy cow, what an amazing feeling! I’ve been jumping up and down like a Price is Right contestant! I’ve read every word you wrote, over and over, and I cherish them.
I am utterly, breathtakingly blown away, and every cell in my body is giddy with gratitude.
What I’m trying to say is:
You guys ROCK!!!

And to Mr. Holtz: You, with your vision, talent and generosity, change people’s lives for the better. You certainly did mine. I will be grateful to you, and inspired by you,  for the rest of my life.
This is better than chocolate! That’s right: I said it.
Oh, and that Valentine up there at the top? That’s for you, all my new blog friends.
Thank you. From the bottom, top and middle of my overflowing heart.
-With love from Linda