Eleventh-Hour Silky-Gift-Making Frenzy

I have such good intentions, every single year. “I’ll start in October!” And, “I’ll not only make all my gifts, I’ll hand paint my own wrapping paper and tags, too! It’ll be awesome!”
(Do you hear the Ghost of Christmas Crafts laughing hysterically? I¬†do…)
But, I did manage to bake some lavender cookies, and brew up a gallon of Auntie L’s Infamous Coffee/Cacao Liqueur. I’m still racing to finish the “Twelve Tags of Christmas” before New Year’s Eve (Edited to add: It didn’t happen, but please see the “12 Tags of Valentine’s Day” post). And, I actually hand decorated a few silk scarves for some really special friends:
I’d been wanting to try the Faux Batik Technique since I saw it on Tim Holtz’s “An Altered Journey” DVD, and I’d already ordered some white scarf blanks, which were¬†languishing in the back of my closet. Once I actually hunkered down with the embossing powder, Adirondack Color Wash and my iron, it went pretty quickly (especially the “Learning what NOT to do” part…). I can’t wait to try this again when I’m not under a crazy-short time table. In fact, next year, I’ll start in October…